The Truth

Being honest…no picture can look as good as UNICAS empanadas taste.
As one of Argentina’s favourite dishes, empanadas bring people together, whether it be for relaxed meals at home or as part of bigger celebrations.

The empanada

Sealed together with a special technique called repulgue, empanadas are baked with pastry dough and filled with a variety of combinations of meat and/or vegetables.

Our Story

UNICAS empanadas developed from intimate gatherings with our extended family and friends. A great product and word-of-mouth saw the business grow into larger orders for events such as birthday parties, weddings, or any informal get together.

Our Passion

We are passionate about making the best empanadas and hope to share them with as many of you as we can. Please feel free to let us know if you would like a special order, for example of mini empanadas for a special occasion.

How to

Our empanadas are delivered frozen in vacuum-sealed packages, ready to be baked or stored in the freezer for the perfect occasion. Please see below for instructions.

Set oven to 220°C, and remove the empanadas from their case.

Place the frozen empanadas into the oven on baking sheets.

Cook for approximately 15-20 minutes or until golden and enjoy!

Order now

To place an order, please send us a message with your desired choices and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


+41 79 290 45 74

Meet the Team

UNICAS is a family-run business that seamlessly works together to provide the best possible empanadas, with a delivery service that is aimed at putting our clients first.

  • Amazing!! I am hooked, I get stressed when I do not have a pack in my Freezer!!!! Delicious!

    Cassandra Constantinescu Hafsett

    Cassandra Constantinescu Hafsett
  • The authentic and only empanadas in Lausanne!

    Vanessa Aladag

    Vanessa Aladag
  • Super good empanadas!

    Sara Gunderson

    Sara Gunderson